Night Vision Camera

A new range of color night vision cameras with truly unique features making it possible to view and record in colors during night – even in the near total darkness of scenes invisible to the human eye. The IR feature  allows the camera also to see and record in monochrome in total darkness.

High resolution in clear colors and progressive scanning technology gives outstanding target recognition and identification capability. Compact, light weight and excellent portability. Designed for handheld and fixed surveillance with 5 hours continuous video recording using integrated battery and recording media. 

Used cases by Military and Law Enforcement: 

  • Gives the power to see and record unwanted personnel and threats invisible to the naked eye. Special forces, homeland security officers and coast guards are able to improve surveillance, increase security and prevent crimes.
  • Operations are needed night and day all year round. The system is designed to be effective regardless of weather or lighting conditions, and gives the maximum support to rescue teams in their effort to save lives.
  • Excellent recognition performance and tamper proof data makes the  system ideal for monitoring of threats and recording as evidence.


  • Tactical and reconnaissance tasks
  • SWAT and law enforcement units
  • Forward observers and firing pointers
  • VIP protection groups
  • Peacekeeping and search & rescue missions
  • Border patrols and protection of critical infrastructure