IP Mesh Radios

IP Mesh Radios – One Solution, Infinite Possibilities 


From operational planning to reconnaissance to tactical missions with integration to UAV, UGV, Vehicles and other surveillance devices,  the MANET platform delivers reliability and high-performance in one small, light package. The mobile ad hoc network (MANET) provides solid and reliable wireless connectivity for deployed soldiers and vehicles. The system far surpasses typical mesh networks by quickly adapting to fluctuations in terrain and environmental conditions, rapidly rerouting data, and continuously working to maximize connectivity and performance. Unlimited hopping without any master nodes extends the network beyond the edge.

An advanced audio architecture consists of up to 16 voice channels, complete with prioritization, so that no crucial voice data goes unheard. Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) capability allows you to tether your current radios to another MANET device, bringing them into the network. You can now leverage your current radio infrastructure as a networked resource. The standard G.711 codec allows for integration with various Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, meaning even more of your current systems are incorporated into the network.