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CST Solutions a systems integration partner in-country for several global defence and security manufacture's. CST engineering abilities have gained the trust of our partners to work closely on their proprietary hardware and softwares in joint-development of bespoke systems for customers.
  Secure Communications
  Keeping in mind existing and evolving threat scenarios, along with other technical feasibilities, CST with world renowed crypto expert Ronish Baxter has built a customized communication infrastructure that is independent and stand-alone to each client entity, based on its threat perception. The CST secure communications is an integrated system aimed to provide round the clock, secured communications from hub to regional devices.
  Data, Voice and Video Transmission System
CST integrates and assembles wireless network systems (COFDM, IP, 802.11a/b/g) to provide a dynamic, reliable, and secure wireless networking solution. The mesh radios applied for the dismounted soldier, UAV, UGV and vehicle-to-vehicle comms. The design is built keeping in mind the needs of armed forces to be scalable, peer-to-peer wireless network that provides data, video, and voice even in the most challenging terrains.
    Surveillance Counter Measures
  With CST tactical surveillance countermeasures you are in control of your surroundings; who is transmitting, who is receiving, what are their devices, exact coordinates to what is the content of a transmission and more. You can also interfere, if required: intercept the transmission, jam it, or even alter it to suit your needs! Distinguishing between friendly devices and potential threats is easy, allowing a quick and precise response to every situation.
    Surveillance Devices
  CST's advanced IR and day/night Surveillance solutions enable soldiers to effectively gather situational awareness in multiple combat environments. Providing body-worn, tripod mounted and weapon mounted systems for both tactical and fixed installations.




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