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CST has designed and provided its solutions to Critical Infrastructure organizations, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement agencies. We work with our customers, enhancing efficiency and security for the user in countering threats. Complete situational awareness is the objective which is fulfilled by CST for its customers.
    Information Security (End-point, Industrial control systems such as; SCADA)
  Our proceses are designed to implement a secure environment where the risks are managed, with policies developed for data management and security controls. Our consulting team and associates are CLAS certified, which is one of the highest security standards required by Governments. These professional services can be broken down to the following core components when considering the implementation of a Risk Management and Awareness program.
  Communications & Surveillance System
  Complete combat ready and designed for operations in harsh environments. When fitted to vehicles or Unmanned Ground Vehicles, it can be used to provide near real time video to commanders in the Control Centre. Cameras on a handheld transmitter either body-worn and rapid deployed PTZ cameras to portable case and/or command vehicles. In addition, the system can be used in transportable applications in countering specific threats and situations.
  K-9 Wireless Integrated Camera System
  CST K-9 wireless integrateds camera system is utilized by military, police, search and resuce K-9 and their handlers. Chest mounted camera system with two-way audio communication and relay in real-time over IP Mesh networking devices mounted on the harness of the K-9 make intelligence gathering a walk in the park.
  Repairs and Maintenance of Surveillance Devices
  Our capability and centre of Repairs and Maintenance for night vision devices (binocular, monocular, passive night sights and reflex sights) from any manufacture has been established with a capacity of over 600 units a month with a TAT of 24 hours. Our vast experience and skill in the division is further applied with audio / video cameras and transmission devices, other electro-optic and opto-electronics devices as well.




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